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Beauty Of The Day: Precious Lara Quigaman

Easy guys. Don't gawk too much or your eyes might pop out of your sockets.

With Miss Universe and Miss World revving into gear, a lot of pageant buffs really need some relaxants to soothe their overworked eyes from all that delicious feasting.

But as they say ... seize the day! This is only one of this rare instance where our penchant for leering and daydreaming can do us no harm. In fact , we can ogle and stare all we want and no pageant candidate will lift a finger in protest.

My friend even thinks, it might be a matter of discourtesy if we don't oblige these candidates with admiring glances.

So dear pageant afficionados ... you are allowed to scrutinize and look.

Isn't that the whole point why this blog is made?

Getting To Know The Blog!

First time to log in at PAGEANT OVERLOAD? Then let me give you a little orientation. please direct yourself to the archive section where you will meet this abbreviations or words.

1. APC-means Awesome Pageant Candidate. All names of the candidates are preceded by APC.
2. NAT-Nationality of the candidaate
3. PAG-National and international pageants where the candidate last joined.
4. PC-Pageant Candidate
5. Headshots
6. Bodyshots
7. PC-In Gown
8. PC-In Swimwear
9. Crowning Glory- all photos included here are PC with crowns on.
10.Pageant Finals- all photos included here are the winners of the pageant and their court.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Valerie Weigmann: In Swimwear

Name: Valerie Weigmann -Country: Philippines    -Pageants Joined: Miss World 2014; Miss World Philippines 2014-Winner  -Photo Credit: - All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

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